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Hello, and welcome to my website. Here you will find all the information you need about the ASTAR-inspired healing art courses for groups, available at my Passionart Studio in Sea Point, Cape Town.

The orientation of the course is the development of non-judgement with emphasis on experiencing the process rather than on the final product. The accent lies on accessing and expressing one’s creative spirit, developing insights which can be translated into fulfilling ‘life-tools’.

Pas·sion·art /ˈpæʃ ən ahrt/ adj. Passionart is meant to be a play on the word passionate which, for me, represents all that is wholehearted, sincere, joyous, fulfilling, authentic and satisfying. When we act from a place of passion we act with love and we satisfy something deeply and personally nurturing of our soul or spirit. Since we access our creative spirit in the activity of art-making in the studio the reference to both passion and art is intrinsic to the ethos of the Passionart Studio.

Passion Flower

Outstanding in her design
She is unafraid of shining
Raises her lilac, yellow
Black and white head toward the sun
Or anyone attentive enough to notice her
Swaying in the waterfall of vines
Amidst the swarms of fiery-headed blossoms
The towering pillars of bark
She has waited through the winter to decorate
With delicacy, the awesome symmetry of her form
Exploding from her petal cocoon almost in slow motion
She offers herself wholly, this brief yet exquisite life
To the wind, sun and sky and passersby
Asserting her existence in this season
Of abundance and hopeful beginnings

© Malika Ndlovu

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