Gillian Lourenco

About Gillian Lourenco

My educational background includes:

  • MA Art Therapy (CIT Ireland)
  • Certificate of Group Arts Facilitation (CIT Ireland)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), Institute of Education in London
  • BSc in Psychology and Physiology, UCT
  • ASTAR process facilitator training
  • Lifeline counselor and facilitator training
  • Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) practitioner level 1
  • Certification as a masseuse

"The nurturing and contemplative environment that you've created is not only a unique yet gentle encouragement of creativity but a bold embrace of the spirit."


"An ASTAR evening with Gillian feels like I've stepped out of my world and into a safe space of creativity, freedom and joy. Try it, you'll be surprised at where your own creativity leads you."


As a mother, grandmother, creative person, teacher and generally inspired woman I have taught secondary school Science in London; facilitated adolescent groups in London’s famous Harrow School for boys; lead a project that built and equipped a facility for Special Needs children – including one of my own – at a school in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and taught weaving and cooking to disabled children at various Educational institutions in Bulawayo.

I have been interested in art since school days, immersing myself intermittently in various art and craft forms, including weaving, crochet, ceramics, glass bead making and jewellery making. My creative passion also extends into my cooking and baking as a caterer.

My interest in psychological wellbeing and healing, together with my art experience have shown me the positive effects of being creative in a safe, contained space.

ASTAR processes allow a place to test ideas and challenge one’s self gently in a fun and playful way. I have found my passion and want to share it, so that others may benefit through their own creativity!