Private Healing Art Classes


The healing art classes in the Passionart Studio are based on the ASTAR process which may be summarised as follows:

  • A short relaxation, visualisation or meditation
  • A warm up to begin the art process
  • The main activity employing a variety of materials and methods available, including collage, inks, watercolours, clay, printing, pressings or acrylics
  • A reflection process

The orientation is the development of non-judgement with emphasis on experiencing the process rather than on the final product. Some classical art techniques are offered in a non-restrictive, accepting manner. The accent is on accessing and expressing one’s creative spirit, developing insights which can be translated into fulfilling ‘life-tools’.


Private sessions tailored to suit the individual’s needs. Sessions are a minimum of 1 ½ hours long and individuals are asked to commit to a particular number of sessions (6 or more depending on needs) to work with a particular issue that is difficult for them.

My private sessions cost R350.00 per hour.

History is taken in the first session to gain  clarification about the issue at hand. By mutual agreement and can be any time of the day.

Sessions will usually be a mix of discussion, a creative activity and reflection.

For more information on the ASTAR approach, please visit